Standard Shower Size – Australia

The standard shower size in Australia measures 900mm x 900mm. A large shower size can be up to 1500mm x 1000mm. This makes it the second-largest component of a bathroom in terms of floor area consumed, just behind bathtubs which often take up the majority of a bathroom’s floor area.

Standard shower size

Of course, like any other part of the house, the size of the shower can vary greatly. Some people may find shower sizes of 900 mm x 900 mm would be adequate, while others can push shower sizes to as much as 1500 mm x 1000mm. Such larger showers are often equipped with other amenities such as benches or two shower heads. 

Things to Consider When Designing Your Shower Size

  1. Enclosure. Another consideration will be the type of shower enclosure you wish to have. Some showers are meant to integrate into the rest of the bathroom, while others are enclosed in glass.
  2. Storage. There is a need for a place to put all your beauty care products such as shampoo. The majority these are placed on the tiled hob on the floor. However, if you want shelves you will need to take this in to consideration when choosing the size of your shower.
  3. Vent and Exhaust Fan. When showering, you would also need a vent or an exhaust in the ceiling. Windows are typically not enough to let out all the steam, and this can result in the growth of mold on walls and ceilings.Make sure to have an exhaust fan that is rated to be able to replace the volume of air in the whole bathroom at a minimum of 15 times per hour. The size of the shower will, of course, affect how powerful a fan you need to get the steam out.
  4. Heating. Other amenities that could affect your shower dimensions include having heated towel rails or flooring, which would mean having to incorporate the heating mechanism behind the walls and under the floor. Having more fixtures would also mean you need to have a larger floor space, as there needs to be at least 700mm in front of every fixture to allow for optimum circulation.
  5. Tiled hobs. Some showers may be physically marked from the rest of the bathroom by a curb. Typically, hobs have a height of around 100 mm, and have a width of 100 mm.
  6. Glass. Even if you do not have enough room for a larger shower area, it is still possible to make your space seem larger through careful design. The use of clear glass doors, for example, could make the whole area feel larger. Glasses used for these are usually at the 10mm range, which is durable enough for residential use. A smoked glass door or a shower curtain make the room feel a little more crowded, though some prefer it for comfort.
  7. Shaving/Sitting Bench. You can also choose the other bathroom amenities to lend a feeling of space to your shower, such as floating or pedestal benches. This allows to put your legs up when wet shaving them in the shower.
  8. Light Source. Finally, consider that the size of your shower will also affect your choice of lighting. Larger spaces would typically mean more lights and higher electrical consumption costs, but you may also use glass fixtures and a minimalist design to let more light flow through the space.

Australian shower size

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