How to Clean a Shower Screen

Compared to shower curtains, a glass shower screen certainly adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. Of course, like most fixtures that are exposed to moisture, glass screens are bound to get stains and spots — not to mention get streaked with soap scum and other residues.

how to clean a shower

Fortunately, today we have some tips and tricks to help you keep your glass shower screens sparkly clean, using products that you may already have around the house! We will also be sharing some tips on how you can maintain screen cleanliness, thus preventing build up.

Cleaning Shower Screens

Aside from using ready-made, commercial products, you can use common household items for cleaning glass shower screens. Let’s take a look at the following household products.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is cheap, easily available, and definitely a must-have around the house. Simply mix equal parts of white vinegar and any brand of liquid dish washing soap. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and voila… instant glass screen cleaner! Another method is to mix the vinegar with a few drops of tea tree oil, which is known for its anti-bacterial properties.

A word of caution, though. If your bathroom has stone materials, it’s best to avoid using vinegar, as this could damage the stone.

Lemon Juice

Instead of white vinegar, you can use lemon juice for cleaning glass shower screens. Extract the juice of 3 lemons, add 1 cup of distilled water, and mix together in a bottle. Spray the mixture onto your screen, leave it for 5 minutes, then wipe off using a microfiber cloth. Wipe again using a fresh cloth to ensure that all stains are removed and the screen is thoroughly dry.

Baking Soda

Get some baking soda, add some water, and combine to make a thick paste. Using a soft cloth, rub the paste onto your glass shower screen, and then rinse off with white vinegar. Again, avoid using vinegar if your have stone materials in your bathroom or shower.

As an alternative, you can also create a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar as your cleaning paste. Rub it onto the shower screen, leave for about 20 minutes, then rinse off.


Similar to baking soda, borax can be combined with water to create a paste for cleaning glass shower screens. Simply rub the paste onto your screen using a damp sponge, then wipe dry using a fresh cloth. The good thing about borax is that you can easily buy it in most stores.


Ammonia is another product that you can use to clean your glass shower screens. Just mix 2 tablespoons of ammonia with 2 quarts of distilled water in a bottle. Spray the mixture onto your shower screen, leave it for 5 minutes, then wipe dry using a microfiber cloth.

When using ammonia, don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hands. It would also be a good idea to wear a face mask, to avoid inhaling the strong vapor.

Tips for Keeping Your Shower Screens Clean

Now that you have a better idea about the different household products you can use for cleaning shower screens, let’s focus on how you can keep them clean, even on a daily basis. Obviously, larger than a standard size shower screen, the longer it will take.

clean a shower screen

Set a schedule

Here’s a handy cleaning schedule that you can follow:

  • As soon as you finish showering, give the glass screen a quick spray, then wipe it dry to keep stains and soap from building up.
  • Once a week, carry out a more thorough cleaning by spraying the whole shower, leaving it for a few minutes, then wiping it dry.
  • Once a month, do a “deep cleaning” by scrubbing the entire shower, including corners and glass door tracks.

Air the shower out

The simple act of letting your shower “air out” can help get rid of moisture and keep your glass screens clean. After you shower, just leave the door open and let the bathroom vent run for about 20 minutes to air your shower out.

Dry your shower off

If you’re up for the task, consider drying the shower screen as frequently as you can. Simply take a microfiber cloth and wipe the glass screen to keep it dry. As an alternative, you can also use a squeegee to dry off the shower screen after every use.

Try liquid soap

This is not exactly a cleaning tip, but more of a shower “option.” Instead of using bar soap, which contains paraffin wax and talc (thus leading to soap scum build up) — consider using liquid soap or shower gel. These are easily available in most stores, and are less likely to cause build up on your shower screens.


Today we discussed several tips for cleaning glass shower screens, including the use of some common household products as cleaning materials. We also shared some tips on keeping your screens clean — not just occasionally, but on a daily basis. We certainly hope that you have picked up a lot of great cleaning ideas from this article!

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