Contracts Subject To Building And Pest Inspection

What Does ‘Subject To Building Inspection’ Mean?

If you are buying a property, it is important to know what ‘subject to building inspection’ means. This clause is included in the contract for many types of real estate transactions, and it can be very helpful when you are trying to avoid any surprises down the road.

Subject to Inspection

When you are buying a property, you will often see the term “subject to building inspection” in the contract. This clause means that the purchaser is only obligated to buy the property if it passes a building inspection.

 If there are any major issues with the property that need to be fixed, then the purchaser is not obligated to complete the sale. This protects the buyer in case they find out after signing the contract that they need to spend a lot of money on repairs.

For example, if there is a major issue with the property such as faulty wiring or mouldy walls, then those problems must be fixed before closing and you would not have to pay for them.

Benefits Of A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection


A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection protects you because it ensures that there are no major issues with the property, and if there are, then you can take that into consideration before buying.

 You may decide to walk away from the sale or ask the seller to fix those problems so you don’t have to cover the cost of them after settlement. Some top benefits of using a pre-purchase building inspection:Subject to Building

1) They establish the difference between what problems need fixing immediately versus those that can wait until later on. Some properties have cosmetic defects that don’t impact the safety of the home. However, if your house is prone to termite infestations, deep structural cracks, or serious plumbing problems, it might be worth getting these issues resolved first before moving in.

2) They can give you an accurate idea on what repair works are needed and how much they would cost so you know exactly what you’re up for when it comes to purchasing the property. If this is out of your budget range, it may prompt you to look at other properties that fit into your price range more closely.

3) They act as third-party reporting agents who can provide proof that certain defects exist allowing you to negotiate the purchase price with the vendor after identifying any costly repairs needed.

4)The inspection will identify any potential problems with the development that may not have been picked up by the builder or developer. This will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to go ahead with the purchase.

5) They help you make a worthy investment. No one wants to buy a property that’s going to end up costing them more money in repairs than it’s worth. By getting a pre-purchase building inspection, you can rest assured that any major issues with the property have been identified and any recommendations resolved before the purchase is made.

When you are looking into buying a property, it is important to know as much about it as possible. You can check with an inspection checklist but the best way to do this is by getting a pre-purchase building inspection done on the property. Additionally, it gives you peace of mind knowing that any major issues with the property have been identified beforehand.

Can I Still Buy A Property That Is Subject To Building Inspection?

A “Subject To Building & Pest” clause in your contract gives you some protection as the purchaser. If there are issues that need to be rectified, then you can negotiate those damages without having to pay for possible repairs in the property.

 This is obviously a very important consideration and one which should not be taken lightly. It is important to get a good scope of the condition of the property before making a final decision.

It is important to note that this clause is not mandatory – the purchaser can choose to buy the property without it – but it is a good way to protect yourself from any potential surprises down the road.

If you are using a “Subject To Building Inspection” in your purchase agreement, then the inspector will report any major issues that need to be fixed before closing. This will give you a chance to fix those problems before you buy the property.

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