Liquid Limestone Cost

The cost of liquid limestone per sqm ranges from $55 to $70. It varies depending on the condition of the site and how much needs to be laid. In most cases, the larger quantity, the cheaper the price.

Liquid Limestone Price & Cost per SQM

There are a number of things that affect the price of liquid limestone in Perth such as if it is for an area that will be walked on or is it a driveway where it needs to take the load of cars. If a pump is needed or the push of the wheelbarrow is a long distance for the limestone then that will also increase the costs.

A rough guide so you can estimate the cost that your liquid limestone job will be is outlined below.

Liquid LimestoneCost
Walk on areas (80mm)$60 SQM
Driveways (100mm)$65 SQM
Colour$5 SQM
Sealer supply and install$5 SQM
Pump$700 a day
Extra preparation to siteQuote on site

Generally, the more sqm you need the cheaper the price is. That makes sense if you think about it. Why would a company come out at bottom sqm rates for less than 10sqm? its not financially feasible.

Factors that effect the price of liquid limestone

There are a few factors that contribute to the cost of liquid limestone. These will make the price at a low sqm rate or a high sqm rate depending on the circumstances of the job.

  • Will cars drive on the are or only pedestrian traffic?
  • What pattern is needed?
  • Does it need to be sealed by us?
  • Will it need excessive preperation before pouring?
  • Is a concrete pump needed?
  • Do you want a colour infused in the limestone?

Liquid limestone offers homeowners an easy of beautifying their property while reducing the need for maintenance and upkeep. It will need the liquid limestone cleaned sometimes however, Its affordable pricing means that it is just as affordable as other outdoor surfacing such as pavers.

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