How to clean Liquid Limestone

When planning on how to clean limestone floors, you need to keep several things in mind to ensure that you don’t do any damage to your flooring. For example, liquid limestone can be harmed when you utilise a harsh acidic cleaning product if the sealer or the limestone mix reacts.

how to clean liquid limestone

Likewise, high water pressure from a machine can wind removing some of the concrete if it is too powerful or worn out. However, unless your mix is really weak a residential pressure washer should not damage your surface. So, you should do a test with your cleaning treatments to prevent and reverse damage to your floor.

Steps to clean your limestone surface

Below are some outlined steps to use when cleaning your paving or liquid limestone surface. As mentioned its best to do a test. Some items needed are:

  • Limestone cleaning product
  • A broom
  • bucket
  • Pressure washer (optional)

Step 1: Rinse & sweep Liquid Limestone

You will need to rinse and sweep your liquid limestone to try to remove any loose debris on the surface. once you are pretty sure that there is no larger dirt on your surface you can proceed.

Step 2: Mix cleaning chemical

Mix the correct amount of neutral stone cleaner into your bucket of water following the instructions on your bottle. These specialised cleaners are readily available at home renovation stores such as Bunnings. Ensure that the soap indicates that it is totally neutral, or else it can hard the liquid limestone. Your best bet is to just make sure the cleaner is limestone safe.

Step 3: Remove mold from liquid limestone

This step is the most labour intensive. However, depending on what equipment you have the job can be done in multiple ways. The easiest way is to have a pavement cleaning device that attaches to your high pressure washer like the image below.

The other way to clean is to apply the soap mix with a hard bristled broom. This is quite a labour-intensive job. However, it works really well. Make sure to use extra water if your surface is extremely dirty to wash away the dirt. If is it still unclean you can repeat this process until clean.

If you do not have one of these high pressure cleaner attachments but have the machine. It is suggested to use the pressure cleaner after scrubbing while. Be sure to check it is on a lowish setting and do a test so it doesn’t damage your surface.

Nice clean liquid limestone surface

Now your surface should be very clean which saves you money compared to the new liquid limestone cost. It is inevitable for your surface to get dirty or mold to grow in winter where the sun doesn’t shine. However, in summer the sun is more than likely going to clear this up quite a bit anyway. But, if you do want to have an extremely clean surface follow these steps and your house will be looking great.

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