Acrylic Render vs. Cement Render

What is Acrylic Render? Acrylic rendering is often used on exterior walls to make them more attractive. It can be applied over to create a smooth, consistent finish. The paint is usually applied in thin

Painting A Colorbond Roof


The main benefit of using Colorbond is that it does not require painting, it is quite easy to maintain. It sure is a great advantage for homeowners who do not want to have to worry

Painting Bathroom Tiles


Is Painting Bathroom Tiles a Good Idea? There are a lot of reasons why painting bathroom tiles can be a good idea. It can give your bathroom a new look without having to spend a

Door Handing (Swing Direction)


What Is Door Handing? Door handing refers to whether the handle is designed to be operated by pushing inward (towards you) or pulling outward (away from you).  Swing direction refers to whether the door opens

How To Lay Besser Blocks?

A Besser Block is a concrete block that is hollow, made of concrete, and shaped like a rectangle. Lines of Besser Blocks are meant to be stacked on top of one another to create walls.

What is a Raft Slab?

A building’s foundation serves to make sure that it is stable and that it stands firm for a long time. From an engineering standpoint, a foundation functions to distribute a structure’s load (or weight) over

What is a Shower Hob?


What Is A Shower Hob? A shower hob is the elevated part of your shower base that holds the water so it easily flows into the drain and doesn’t spill all over your entire bathroom.

What is a GPO Electrical Socket


In the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, a GPO refer to an electrical outlet that allows several appliances to be plugged into one socket.  A single household may have several types of GPOs in

Rectified Tiles vs. Non-Rectified Tiles


Rectified tiles have been the standard tiles for decades. Even with the advance of vector tile format. The term ‘rectified’  means precisely aligned to a coordinate grid so that latitude lines and longitude lines intersect

Building Classifications & Class – BCA

How are buildings classified? In the Building Code of Australia (BCA), the National Construction Code (NCC) classifies buildings according to their primary use. Just like wind classifications, each classification comes with respective requirements with regards