Standard Brick Size and Dimensions

There are multiple brick sizes in Australia depending on the type of brick you are using. The standard brick size is 76mm high x 230mm long x 110mm wide. This is the normal face brick. However, different style bricks such as internal fast bricks and double course bricks are not the same.

Type of brickLengthWidthHeight
Standard Brick Size230mm110mm76mm
Internal Brick (Maxibrick or Fastwall)305mm90mm162mm
2 Course Brick290mm90mm162mm

Standard Brick Size – Face Brick

The most common brick is the face brick and is mostly used on external walls. This type of brick increases the aesthetics of the home and does not need to be cement rendered over the top. People choose this brick in the modern day to give their home a classic or industrial look.

Common face brick size is 76mm high x 230mm long x 110mm wide.

standard brick dimensions

Face brick is hard wearing and very durable. It can withstand extreme Australian temperatures and mold doesn’t normally grow on these.

Internal Wall Brick Size

Internal walls in a double brick home generally use a larger brick compared to the external face brick. This is because it takes less time and labour to lay and build the walls. A Standard internal brick size is 162mm high x 305mm long x 90mm wide.

This type of brick is not as weather proof as a face brick and is more affordable. It is easier to cut to the sizes needed when building walls and it is plastered or rendered over the top.

2 Course Brick

With the increasing costs in labour and maintenance, 2 course bricks have become a popular alternative to standard face bricks. These are twice the height, longer and a tad narrower. Two course brick standard size is 162mm high x 290mm long x 90mm wide.

This brick is just as durable as a standard face brick but is a cheaper alternative due to the fact they make building walls much quicker

What is a brick course?

A brick course is equivalent to a standard brick height (76mm) and the mortar (10mm) that holds the bricks above it together. Therefore, a brick course is 86mm.


Variance in brick sizes

Though there are standard brick-dimensions, not all bricks will turn out to be exact to the standard dimensions because there are many volatile factors at play in the process of manufacturing. In the majority of cases this will not be noticeable and you should not worry about it.

The indicators to show how much a brick will vary from the standard dimensions are called Dimensional Quality Levels and it has 3 levels respectively, namely DW1, DW2, and DW0.

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