What is a Building Broker?

Building brokers are specialists in the home construction industry, whose primary service is coordinating the home construction process with the customers in order to ensure top-level quality while saving on costs.

A building broker works with you to understand your needs, and to provide the best designers and builders that match your requirements and preferences. With this, you can save a large amount of money on your residential project, saving you thousands of dollars of hard-earned money without compromising quality.

Why do you need a Building Broker?

Unless you’re buying out a huge corporation as part of your business, building a home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your lifetime. It’s not just the most significant project you will undertake, but also the most expensive. Yet, with something as big as this, it’s weird to know that most just jump into the process of home building without adequate knowledge as to what they’re getting into — especially regarding prices.

Sure, you’ve done your research and asked for referrals. You’ve probably also asked for the portfolios of the various service contractors involved in building your home. However, most of these contractors are big businesses who are just as in it for the money as they are for the service. That means you are most likely paying a high price for their services, and you may also be billed for services you don’t even need!

A building broker cuts through all the tangled line items, in order to get you the best service for the best possible price. They can also help you get the perfect level of service suitable for your budget. We’re talking about seasoned veterans in the building industry, with connections in various building contractors, offering a wide variety of services from design to construction. These are people who know the histories and specialities of each company, allowing them to meet your needs.

How Much Does a Building Broker Cost?

 Building brokers usually do not cost the client any money. They are paid by the builder that you choose when they tender out the job. However, instead of the builder adding on extra costs they just give the that their in house sales reps would usually get.

Since the builders in house sales rep is doing no work, this commission is passed on to the building broker. However,  unlike the sales rep working for the builder, the building broker works for you.

A Building Broker is not a Sales Person

Don’t mistake building brokers for a home builder sales rep. A building sales rep works  for the building company they are attached and hired by, and their primary duty is to steer you towards the builder’s advantage. A broker, on the other hand, is fully independent. He takes time to understand just what you need in your project, so they can provide expert recommendations. A building broker also provides you both choice and transparency in selecting whose services you contract.

Building brokers also provide a wider range of services, from helping you get the right draughtsman for the design, to helping you get through the finishing touches. There are brokers who can extend help in getting you the best locations for your new home, and also those who

can help you with getting your paperwork done! They can even help with highly-specialised needs.

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Building Brokers are a must

In today’s highly-commercialised building landscape, building broker services are a must. Even if you’re still in the planning phase of your home, get in touch with a Perth building broker to see how much you can save!

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