Roof Restoration Cost

Your roof won’t always stay as pristine as it was when it was first constructed. Being exposed to the elements, it could already have some leaks or damage. It might be dirty or faded.

 For older houses, it might have mould or look a bit dated. If any of these circumstances apply, your roof may be in need of restoration. 

Roof Restoration Cost

A roof restoration involves three steps:

  1. clean
  2. repair & repoint ridge capping
  3. repaint.

It’s a job that helps out an old roof last longer and stays fresh. Usually, cleaning involves the use of high-pressure washers. This removes any dirt, as well as mold or algae. Repairing damage comes next.

Things like repairing or replacing broken tiles or metal sheets, sealing up leaks, and the like will get your roof back to top condition. Finally, your roof will be repainted or recoated. 

Restoration is much cheaper than a roof replacement, which is basically having your current roof removed and installing a new one. It is also a bit more costly than simple repairs because it usually involves working painting the roof as opposed to just repointing a gable roof for example.

How Much Does a Roof Restoration Cost?

You will most definitely have to hire professionals for roof restoration. This recommendation is taking safety into consideration, as we don’t want anyone falling off their roof. 

People that do this professionally will have the right equipment and experience to do the job competently and safely. 

Roof Restoration Cost

The cost of your restoration depends on a number of things, such as the type of roof you have (tiles or metal sheets), the number of repairs that will need to be done, and the type of coating that will be used. Even the steepness and accessibility of your roof may impact price. 

For some cases, the height of your home could be taken into account, as extra safety measures are required at a certain height.

A roof restoration which just includes painting will start at something like $2500 for an average-sized home. Full restoration including repointing tends to be more expensive, so they usually start at around $4500. 

Cleaning usually costs around $250-$500, while repairs can add to the cost as well. Repairs for metal roofs can cost up to $48-$58, while repairs for tile roofs could go for around $55-$65.

Companies that will work on your roof generally charge by area per square meter of the roof, and they usually charge cheaper for larger sizes of roofs.

On average, you can expect to pay around this much per square meter:

  • Small Roofs: $28-$38
  • Medium Roofs: $25-$28
  • Large Roofs: $20-$25

How To Get The Best Price Roof Restoration?

In asking for quotations, it’s good to be as detailed as possible so that you can get more accurate prices. 

Having a good idea of how big your roof is, what type of roof it is, and being able to describe the slope of your roof are important points to be knowledgeable about when you go to roof restoration companies.

As always, you will want to go to reputable roof restorers that have a portfolio you can inspect. Any roof restorer that you hire should be licensed and insured, for your physical safety and financial security. 

You will want to ask for a written quote that includes a breakdown of costs and details about the work. For example some contractors may have an itemised quote which includes fixing the roof sarking

Although, it’s best to keep in mind that the quote they’ll give you is just an estimate until they have a chance to actually look at your home.

Restoration is a great way to make your old roof feel young again. In order to repair damage and give your home a vibrant makeover, roof restoration works wonders.

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