Is CGI 3D Rendering Fooling New Home Buyers?

What is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering is the process of converting real-world wireframe objects into usable images using 3D software. Rendering is used a lot in the 21st-century world of technology, some examples being movies and video games among others.

Photorealistic CGI is only one of the many applications of 3D rendering. The use of this technology in the modeling of the houses and structures has been a huge trend these days and home builders are outsourcing their 3D visualisation to make life like images and are using it to market and sell “your dream home”. But is what you see what you are getting?

Use of 3D rendering by builders in Australia

Australia home builders have been one of the most prominent users of 3D rendering technology. This is because they are able to market their designs without creating a display home. Take a look at any new home builder website and take note what ones are computer generated and what are CGI.

Realistic 3d rendering of an architectural house.
This is a CGI 3D Rendering. NOT A REAL PHOTO.

While 3D rendering may closely provide accurate depictions of a structure, perfection is only hypothetical. As we lose a whole dimension, the depth perception is recovered to some extent with shading but it will never be 100% accurate. Are home builders taking advantage of this?

You see a great house plan, fantastic front elevation with lush gardens. You sign your contract without looking at the details to find that you don’t get landscaping, exposed aggregate driveway, the large front setback and modern feature wall. Only to be told that, this image is an artist impression of your house.

What to be aware of as a client

Read your contract! Make sure you know everything that is included and not included before signing the paper. Check your drawings with a fine tooth comb. Don’t assume anything.

The most important thing is to realise that this image provided is just a artist impression. The builders should not have to show you exactly what they are building in this image and are just showing you what this plan may look like if you went with all the extras. Even then, it wont look like the image due to the nature of CGI and its differences to the real world.

Is 3D Rendering Good or Bad?

Carlo, a professional 3D artist from The 3D Architect believes that 3D rendering is the best possible way of showcasing the home or any structure to the client. “Deceiving the client is the last thing rendering does, it provides a artistic impression for those who are not able to visualise from the 2D plans. It is an image that has no negative impact for the client in my opinion.”

While I believe and agree with Carlo, I believe it is up to the builder to make sure their architectural visualisations are not totally deceiving. They need to use their morals and make sure the image they are using for marketing is realistic enough and they state that it is only an artistic impression of what they house COULD look like.

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