32 Hamptons Style Home Ideas

Hamptons Style has been a popular choice for those who are looking for that Aussie beach house feel. It is characterized with the wide use of wood, neutral and ocean inspired palette and a lot of elements in white giving off that bright and airy ambiance.
This laid back coastal style can be achieved through the following tips:

  1. Exposed Roof Trusses
  2. You can never go wrong with exposing your roof trusses and painting them all white! It will enhance the height of your space. Complement this by adding some skylights and bring the sky in your interiors.

    hamptons exposed roof truss style

  3. Wood Accents
  4. The use of wood is widespread in the Hamptons style. Why not use a crisp color of wood to make it standout in your white walls? Just like this minimalist rustic shelving which is the accent of this space.

  5. Entry Height and Glass
  6. Hamptons Style is all about the airy and light feel. Why not enhance your entrance with the use of double height glass framing your door? Add a nice industrial chandelier piece to cap off that look.

  7. Splash of Navy Blue
  8. The all-white exterior look is common for this Style. Break the norm by adding to your whites some strong Navy Blue shades inspired by the deep waters.

  9. Gables, Gables, Gables!
  10. One can easily distinguish this style from afar by the looks of its roof. Gable roofs should be a sure tick on your checklist!

    hamptons style exterior

  11. Large Balconies
  12. Match your gables with spacious balconies, oriented on the cooler side of the house. It’s definitely a perfect spot for chilling out. Complement this big space with lightweight-looking white rails.

  13. Hints of Blue Hues and Beach Decors
  14. White is a staple in the Hamptons Style. Boost the beach house feel by adding some blue fabrics and linen on your white chunky furniture. The look is not complete without some seashells and faux corals as accents.

  15. Shaker Kitchen Cabinets
  16. Minimalist yet elegant, no wonder the Shaker style cabinets are a classic. This country-looking storage spaces fits the kitchen of your Hamptons inspired home.

  17. Timber Flooring
  18. Wood floors add a cozy look to any home. Make your timber flooring standout by retaining its natural color or apply it with a beautiful stain.

    hamtpons style interior

  19. Lantern Style Lighting
  20. These nice pendant lantern style luminaires draw the eyes upward in this room. Choosing fixtures with black metal trims add an industrial touch to your Hamptons interiors.

    hamptons style interiors

  21. Marble worktops
  22. The use of marble is also prominent for this style. Marble on top of your wood cabinetry makes the kitchen look warm and neat.

  23. Black and White
  24. This black and white ensemble gives an urbane taste in this openly planned kitchen and living room. Include some soft tones of grays to your fabrics for that more relaxed ambiance.

    hamptons kitchen

  25. Tall Windows and Transoms
  26. Bring in more light and air through large fenestrations. No wonder the French-style doors and transoms of this breakfast nook goes well in combination with this style. Aside from the natural lighting, isn’t the view lovely?

  27. Bold and Chic Furnishings
  28. Anything seems to go well with white. Feel free to add neutral yet chic pieces and patterns. Just like the bold lines on the rug used in this bedroom which matched with the black window frame.

    hamptons decorating

  29. All-White Exteriors
  30. Can’t decide on which color to add on your exterior walls? This style is perfect to go all-white. The timber paneling on this white-painted house added texture and shadows which made it elegant rather than just plain.

  31. Warm Lights
  32. Brighten up your backyard with a mix-and-match of sophisticated luminaires. Go for warm light temperature to increase that laidback mood. String lights never goes old.

  33. Bring the Outdoors In
  34. Blur the boundaries of indoors and outdoors with wide glass doors which open up to the backyard or lanai. Luxury home builders in Perth love this. Definitely this goes best with a well-landscaped garden…and a swimming pool!

  35. Gable finals
  36. This white house absolutely stood out in its simplicity due to its neat design and most specially the finials on its gables. These finials make the gables that bit more hamptons style.

  37. Wood Moldings
  38. Embellish your exteriors and interiors with wood moldings. Similarly with this house, you can explore on dentils and dado rails.

  39. Classic Picket Fence
  40. What better way to go with a timber house but the use of picket fences. This classic piece goes well with white paint.

  41. Contemporary Vibes
  42. Explore on color combinations. The navy blue color in the kitchen counter went well with the orange-like wood stain color of the flooring, bringing in a balance of warm and cool temperature in this space.

  43. Open Plan Interiors
  44. Reduce walls in your interiors and unite your common areas. In here, the open kitchen spills over linking with the living area, both overlooking through that great view in the balcony.

  45. Matte Black Metal Accents
  46. This laundry area surely has style! The matte black tapware and handles gives a minimalist yet bold contrast to this utility space.

  47. Tile Textures and Lines
  48. Going monochromatic on your Hamptons styled home doesn’t limit you to just go plain and bare. Play with some textures on your bathroom tiling as such: a combination of clean lines on the accent wall tiles and crazy-cut marble flooring.

  49. Sheer Curtain Fabric
  50. You would not want to miss curtains on your checklist. Achieve the light and airy feel of your space with translucent fabric for your draperies.

  51. Minimalist and Raw Finishes
  52. Minimal design with raw touches makes this space effortlessly beautiful. Adorning it with neutral colored fabrics and furniture completes this look.

  53. Window Shutters
  54. Shutters are a classic detail to Hamptons houses. Aside from the shade it brings, these shutters bring in bonus lines and textures to your interiors.

    hamptons style homes

  55. Elegant Shower Niche
  56. This shower niche is absolutely an eye-catcher with its herringbone pattern popping out of the white subway tiles. For a monochromatic look, go for soft grays on your accent tiles.

    hamtpons style bathroom

  57. Rattan Tropical
  58. Tropical beach houses are recognizable with Rattan textures. These add warmth and a laidback character to your interiors.

    hamtpons style stairs

  59. Tropical and Bright
  60. Welcome Mr. Sun and bring in summer-vibes in your Hamptons home with a mix of brightly colored stylish pieces, play of textures and tropical furniture.

  61. Wainscoting wall panelling
  62. Bring in some detailed wall panels and skirting that go to half height. These not only protect the walls but look stunning. These are often placed around the stair cases.

    Hamptons wall panel

  63. Hamptons style plants
  64. Plants can make your home a lot nicer. Think well kept luxurious style hedges. These will give your home a classy look and add a bit more colour to your home.

    hamptons style plants

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