Colorbond Fence Cost & Price

Colorbond fences are some of the most popular fencing solutions in Australia, and for very good reasons too. Going with Colorbond fencing is a cost-effective and stylish choice with a number of advantages that are very hard to pass on, among which are: 

  • Having a high corrosion resistance rate, which automatically improves functionality and durability 
  • Easy maintenance and the ability to look fresh and clean for an incredibly long time. 
  • Making use of steel structures, insuring you against a host of external factors like termites and fire 
  • Offering a high range of styles and colours. 
  • High security 
  • Cost-Effective 

How Much Does Colorbond Fencing Cost

The question of costs of Colorbond fencing, as in most things, is highly dependent on a number of factors such as your house size. Thankfully, though, the factors are not so dispersed in the price range that a general estimate can’t be made. 

Colorbond fencing in Australia costs between $75/m to $95/m including installation. Colorbond fence materials are estimated at $45/m not including labour.  

Colorbond Fence Cost

The Components

Among the most significant factors which contribute to the overall cost of your Colorbond fencing are the units themselves.  
The prices depend on the style of units. Listed below are average prices of the popular styles and their sizes:

Post*1.8m  $13.5
Long Rails2.35m $16.5

The cost of the material for a 1.8m high Colorbond fence is $45 a linear meter. This is based from $110 per 2.4m wide panel.

Labour costs

Still considering the varying factors – such as how big the area is, the style involved and its complexity – the installation price range of colorbond fence may also not be constant and can increase the cost of your house if you need a lot of fences. On average, however, it may be pegged at $75/m to $95/m including components. 
This would put the price expected to pay at $85/m. 


The more complex the project is – size being constant – the higher the cost of installation. Factors that may increase complexity include: 

  • Style 
  • Gradient (sloping surfaces are more complex to install in) 
  • Soil condition. 

Colorbond fence price

Other Cost Considerations

Other Cost considerations for Colorbond fencing include: 

  • Fixings  
  • Post Caps 
  • Cement  

Colorbond Fence Price Calculator

Colorbond Fence can be calculated very easily. First, calculate how many linear meters of fencing you need and then multiply that by $90. This will give you the cost of your fence to be supplied and installed.  

Styles of Colorbond Fences 

As mentioned earlier there is a large spectrum of styling that can be applied to your Colorbond fences. An example is the plain sheet Colorbond, which is just one of the most basic styles that can then be improved upon to achieve other more unique stylings. 
Some of the ways by which this can be achieved include:  

  • Mixing in different colours – to add a sort of obvious aesthetic appeal to the regular design. Switching colours between each fence and fence-post is a common technique of achieving this effect 
  • Combining two different kinds of material – such as adding timber posts 
  • Making use of panels with decorative tops – another kind of obvious styling to make your Colorbond fence stand out and be more attractive.  
  • Louvered Fencing  
  • Lattice Designs – which includes employing the use of ready-made lattice designs in the finishing of the fence.  

How to Install Colorbond Fencing   

While installing Colorbond fencing is a quite technical and stressful affair that may be best left to professionals, it is, at the same time, not so technical and stressful that you cannot get it done by yourself – should you have the basic expertise, tools, and time required. 
You would, of course, have to have the knowledge of the materials needed and where to purchase them. Another thing to consider is complexity. As mentioned at the beginning of the post, certain conditions may increase complexity of installation.  
And while installation can be carried out by anybody, certain terrains and conditions make it tougher, and at this point it may be more advisable to hire an expert. 
For the non-complex terrains and conditions these are the basic components you need and steps to take in the installation process.  
You will first need to have ready: 

  • Two posts for each hole 
  • Rails for the bottom and top of the fence 
  • Fencing panels  
  • Fixing materials. 

Step by step guide for installing Colorbond fence:

Step 1: Run a string in a straight line. 
Step 2: Mark the distance between each post.  
Step 3: Dig holes for the posts according to your desired height. 
Step 4: Join two posts together.  
Step 5: Install posts in the ground, confirming uniformity in height. 
Step 6: Ensure the fence is level. You may employ a spirit level for the task. 
Step 7: Pour concrete into the holes. 
Step 8: Install bottom and upper rail. 
Step 9: Install fence panel.

colorbond fence

Colorbond fencing is an advisable fencing solution due to a number of advantages. They are also relatively cheap and easy to install. 

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