What is a Duplex?

What is a duplex

A duplex is a single residential building that has two homes within it. In most cases, Australian duplexes consist of one overall structure divided into two identical halves by a central wall.  Duplexes can be … Read more

Dining Table Size

dining table size guide

The dining table is a central part of any home. Much of the time spent by a family together is over meals. It’s important to make sure your dining table is comfortable and easy on … Read more

Standard Fridge Size

standard fridge size

What is the Standard Fridge Size? There is no actual standard fridge size, however there is a standard fridge cavity that should be allotted as the floor space occupied by the fridge. This makes the … Read more

What Is A Project Home Builder?

what is a project home builder

The term “Project Home Builder” refers to a builder business with high volume, building a large number of houses. They achieve this efficiency by using a pre-made set of designs, in order to minimise cost. Often, … Read more

Narrow Block House Designs

We have come to a time where property or lot sizes available in the market are narrower than what we would usually consider, but as the need for a spacious and suitable design for narrow … Read more

Best Architects in Perth

Perth Architects

Perth is home to spectacular architects. Many of these architects have built amazing homes and are well-renowned not only in Australia, but internationally as well. Many of these people and practices employ different approaches, have … Read more

Standard Shower Size – Australia

Bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in the house, and are often rightly given much attention when it comes to comfort and design. Limited spaces do not automatically translate to limited quality, as … Read more

What is a Building Broker?

What is a building broker

Building brokers are specialists in the home construction industry, whose primary service is coordinating the home construction process with the customers in order to ensure top-level quality while saving on costs.

What is a Battleaxe Block?

A battleaxe block is a term used in real estate that pertains to a block of land behind the another that have access to the street via a long driveway. They are called by their distinct L-shapes, which are said to resemble a battleaxe or a hatchet.